1Metal storage.

Here comes the primary products are: cold and hot rolled sheet, galvanized metal. They are sorted in thickness from 0.7mm to 3mm. Here we get a galvanized metal factory in Karaganda Arcelor Mittal. Everything is produced in Kazakhstan. Then the metal goes to the Japanese Precision Panel Saws.

2Operator cutting room.

It designed parts and components of all our products, from the simple and small to the very large and complex. Design, embodied in the drawings, the operators on the rewriting of the program language. The rest perform Japanese precision Cutting robots.

3Metal cutting.

Metal cutting is made on precision machine tools made in Japan AMADA MURATEK and the accuracy of which is one-hundredth of a millimeter. These machines cut out the whole range of our products.

4Bending of metal.

We use multi-function bending machine made in Turkey. The accuracy of this machine up to one tenth of a millimeter.


In the welding section, we use the welding equipment from the best manufacturers. Highly qualified specialists, experts in their field, perform fast and accurate welding products so well that the product looks like a single unit.


Once the metal has passed all stages of processing, has received the required shape, was degreased and treated in phosphoric acid for rust prevention, it enters the painting station. We use the world's best paint materials, electrostatic powder paint production JOTUN, TEKNOS, Akzo Nobel. The paint is applied on the metal in the environment of high electrostatic field that gives it the properties of high adhesion and allows it to penetrate the smallest pores of the metal, filling the entire space products. The high strength of the coating and resistance to aggressive media protects our products from corrosion during its lifetime.

7Fill seal.

Our plant uses unique equipment for casting seals, has no analogues in Kazakhstan. This is an automated robot - RAMPF made in Germany. Our operator sets the program in accordance with the technological standards on a particular product on a given program the robot without human intervention itself sets the speed and density of the fill, puts 2 component mixture that within 30-40 minutes turns into a soft elastic rubber. This seal seals the door panels, plugs, prevents access of dust, water and creates a degree of protection IP 54 to 66. In addition, this technology is used in other products for protection against excessive noise.


At the installation site is assembled cabinets and internal mounting hardware. Now you see the finished product, which is the result of work of our team of employees. From a conventional sheet metal and a set of devices are high-tech, sophisticated, automated Enclosure, demanded in industrial and domestic power projects in Kazakhstan.

9Packing and shipping.

ELCOS LLP places a great importance to the quality and comfort of work with us throughout the order process. We pay close attention not only to the main manufacturing process, but the accompanying contractual relations, particularly to issues such as packaging, shipping and delivery of products to the site of the Customer. Before to ship the finished product, we strongly recommend to the representative of the Customer to visit us not only for accepting finished product, but also for deciding the questions on the stages of delivery of product components (by panels or in part, disassembled). We also go to the site for detailed studying vehicle access ways, dimensions of clear ways to the electric control room and other transportation matters. The price of standard products specification includes: · Types of packaging, if necessary: 1. Into the stretch film by panels; 2. Into the foam plastic and stretch film by panels; 3. Into the foam plastic, stretch film and wood by panels; · The front side of each panel is laid by the cardboard; · Each panel is provided with a packaging list with the title and project belonging; · If necessary, the panels can be installed on the pallet; · Electrical bus bars are packed separately into the stretch film; · All the necessary technical documentation of the installed equipment (passports, manuals, etc.) is delivered to the Customer personally or with the product in a special box. · The certificate and passport (as well as the shipping documents – way-bills and invoices) for the product are also delivered to the Customer by the way convenient for him.





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